From Tel-Aviv to New York


Our good friend Dani Tenenbaum dropped off a little taste of heaven (or hell, depending on your threshold for capsaicin pain) for us to taste. Y&Y Spirits' "Y Red Chilli Liqueur" is pretty self-explanatory. And it tastes awesome. At 80 proof it's better endowed (and tastes way more natural) than Y Red's most obvious competitor, and it's just sweet enough with a bitter,... Read more

New Cocktail! “Fugu Me”


As I alluded to in a previous post, we've recently been experimenting with Blowfish at Subject. I procured some hire-zake style tora fugu dried blowfish that's safe, legal and specifically made for infusing alcohol. For the Fugu Me cocktail, we infused Tombo shōchū with the blowfish and some szechuan peppercorns to balance the fishy aroma and to simulate the tongue-numbing effects of... Read more

Subject Root Beer is Back!


...And better than ever. Or at least we think so. Since we plan to start selling our root beer syrup soon, we can't give out the exact recipe, but we'll tell you that our all-natural root beer contains apricots, wintergreen and sarsaparilla root, among other toasty ingredients, some of which are pictured above. Stop by for a non-alcoholic Subject Root Beer ($4) or the adult version: the... Read more

New (Hibiscus) Tonic!

Subject Gin & Hibiscus Tonic

Housemade tonic has been a part of Subject's beverage program since our humble start sixteen months ago. Though perhaps not as popular as our Subject Rum & Root Beer (Denizen, Smith & Cross, Housemade Root Beer, Cinnamon-Burdock Tincture, Lime) or Whiskey & Cola (Whipper Snapper, Housemade Cola, Lime), our twist on the G&T enjoys a cult following. If you've never enjoyed our tonic or other all-natural brands,... Read more

How to Make Falernum

Matt photobombs our falernum production process

Falernum is a flavored syrup used in Caribbean drinks and Tiki cocktails. You could say it's the big brother to orgeat, a simpler almond syrup ubiquitous in drinks like the Mai Tai. Though ingredients may vary, falernum is usually made with almonds, lime, ginger, clove and other spices. At Subject we had great success with our housemade orgeat during last year's warmer months in drinks... Read more

Got Fugu?

Fuku Hire Dried Blowfish from Yamaguchi, Japan

Testing out new ingredients. No animals were harmed thus far, though we may have lost a bartender or two. Expect to see a blowfish cocktail on Subject's cocktail menu soon.