Subject Root Beer is Back!


...And better than ever. Or at least we think so. Since we plan to start selling our root beer syrup soon, we can't give out the exact recipe, but we'll tell you that our all-natural root beer contains apricots, wintergreen and sarsaparilla root, among other toasty ingredients, some of which are pictured above. Stop by for a non-alcoholic Subject Root Beer ($4) or the adult version: the... Read more

New (Hibiscus) Tonic!

Subject Gin & Hibiscus Tonic

Housemade tonic has been a part of Subject's beverage program since our humble start sixteen months ago. Though perhaps not as popular as our Subject Rum & Root Beer (Denizen, Smith & Cross, Housemade Root Beer, Cinnamon-Burdock Tincture, Lime) or Whiskey & Cola (Whipper Snapper, Housemade Cola, Lime), our twist on the G&T enjoys a cult following. If you've never enjoyed our tonic or other all-natural brands,... Read more